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Florida’s Splendid Little Wars

Newcomers who feel betrayed at our cold snaps also seem to believe that Florida began with coconuts carved into pirate heads and “Wish You Were Here” postcards of palm trees and sandy beaches.

December 2009
The First Lady of Vero Beach

The First Lady of Vero Beach

She is someone who – rather than bemoaning that things are not what they used to be – has spent her entire life embracing change and working to preserve, improve and enhance all that is valuable and unique about Indian River County.

January 2009

Snowbirds, Exotics, & Other Interlopers

It’s early morning. A curl of foam rushes to shore carrying sea beans and the egg case of a skate while a sandpiper runs after the flotsam on twinkling feet.

January 2009

A Daughter's memories, A Sweet Surprise

Towards the end of the 19th century, newly arrived settlers in Central Florida discovered that the fertile region running alongside the Indian River Lagoon was ideally suited to the growing of oranges and grapefruit.

January 2009

The New Life of Vero Man

Vero Man would have been proud.

January 2009