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Joy All Around

Impressionist Edward Noott and Realist Claudia Seymour share a focus on beauty

“Relaxing in Ravello” by Edward Noott, oil on linen, 40 x 48 inches

“Relaxing in Ravello” by Edward Noott, oil on linen, 40 x 48 inches

Two major artists who recently shared an exhibition in Vero Beach seemingly have plenty that sets them apart, such as style and technique, subject matter and source of inspiration. Even though one is an impressionist painter and the other a realist,  they complement each other so beautifully that they have shown together on numerous occasions. 

The show’s organizer, J. M. Stringer Gallery, titled the exhibition “The Joy of Life, Both Intimate and Grand.” And joy is exactly what each artist conveys to a spectator.

Impressionist artist Edward Noott makes his home in the Cotswolds of south central England and travels extensively for inspiration, absorbing the landscapes, exploring new places and revisiting favorites. 

“Ideally, I am trying to represent the essence of things in the subject matter and to achieve images that have a certain timeless quality to them, yet remain relevant in a contemporary fashion.”